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  • 更新日:2019-05-27
  • Wrye Bash:307.beta3 (CBash Beta)
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Active Mod Files

Load OrderPluginPackage
01Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esmMBP++ v0_9_8a-37368
02All Natural Base.esmWeather - All Natural v1_38-18305
03Cobl Main.esmCobl v1_74
04Fundament.esmFundament v4_03-41005
05x117race.esmx117++ v0_8_0-37377
06xeorace.esmXEORC4 v1_6 Full
07xeoracex117.esmXEORC4 v1_6 Full
08UndiesUnderneath.esmUndies Underneath v4_5_1-15767
09Slim.esmSlim v0_5
0AAv Latta Magicka.esmAv Latta Magicka v1_04-49096
**Younger NPC Ladys.espYounger NPC Ladys
**CSCP.espChange Some Cyrodiil People v1_8
0BLandFishProblemSolved.espLand Fish Problem Solved v1_0-48830
0CUnofficial Oblivion Patch.espUnofficial Oblivion Patch v3_5_6a-5296
++Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.espUnofficial Oblivion Patch v3_5_6a-5296
++UOP VeyondExterior Fix.esp#Patch
0EUnofficial Shivering Isles Patch.espUnofficial Shivering Isles Patch v1_5_9-10739
0FLoadingScreens.espLoading Screens Themed AddOn v1_0-16020
10LoadingScreensAddOn.espLoading Screens Themed AddOn v1_0-16020
11All Natural.espWeather - All Natural v1_38-18305
12All Natural - SI.espWeather - All Natural v1_38-18305
++NoOblivionWeatherOutside.espNo Oblivion Weather Outside v1_0-23173
13Better Bell Sounds.espBetter Bell Sounds v1_0-5286
14GOSH.espGOSH v2_1-45214
++GOSH Patch.esp#Patch - GOSH
15All Natural - Real Lights.espWeather - All Natural v1_38-18305
++All Natural JP Climate Patch.esp#Patch
16WindowLightingSystem.espAnimated Window Lighting System v5_5_4-19628
17Glowing Wonders.espGlowing Stones v1_0-43331
18Hot Coffee and Tea-Cobl.espHot Coffee and Tea v1_3-42131
19Immersive FOV.espImmersive Field of View v1_4_2
1AMenu and Camera Toggler.espMenu and Camera Toggler v1_2-39435
1BMore Female Servants.espMore Female Servants v1_10-8677
++No weapon litter.espNo More Weapon Litter v1_0-44128
1CEnhanced Economy.espEnhanced Economy v5_4_3r5-47184
1DCrowded Roads Advanced.espCrowded Roads Advanced v1_3 XEORC4 EV
1ECrowded Cities Cyrodiil.espCrowded Cities Redone - Cyrodiil Collection v1_0-49316
1FAoG - Greed Vision.espGreed Vision v10-48244
20Display Stats.espDisplay Stats v2_0_1-31855
21MigFEA.espFEA v2_1_3-41553
22QZ Easy Menus.espQZ Easy Menus v1_03-23404
23SimpleHUDClock.esp#Simple HUD Clock 24H
24Spell Delete.espSpell Delete Only v4_0-23069
25BookTrackerUpdatedv1.1.espBook Tracker Updated v1_1-49195
++FEA Enhanced.espFEA Enhanced v1_0-49214
26Map Marker Overhaul.espMap Marker Overhaul v3_9_3-26389
27Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.espMap Marker Overhaul v3_9_3-26389
28Enhanced Hotkeys.espEnhanced Hotkeys v2_3_1-34735
**EVE_StockEquipmentReplacer.espEVE Fix
++MaleBodyReplacerV5.espRobert Male v52-40532
29VipCxj_HighHeels.espVipCxjs Real High Heels System v9_3-36883
2AAlluring Books.espUnique Alluring Books v1_0-34110
2BEquipment Set - Eleanor.esp#Equipment Set
2CEquipment Set - RHH.esp#Equipment Set
2DEquipment Set - Small Size.esp#Equipment Set
2EUU Undies Plus.esp#Equipment Set
2FUnique Enticing Skill Books.espUnique Enticing Skill Books v1_0-34330
30Countess Dress Replacer.esp#Patch - Vanilla NPCs
31Eri's Simple Sprint n Gallop.espRealistic Sprint and Gallop v7_5b-48786
32Cobl Glue.espCobl v1_74
33Cobl Si.espCobl v1_74
++Cobl Tweaks - SI.espCobl v1_74
34Cobl Patch - Silent Misc Item Equip.espCobl v1_74
35DremoraIceElf.espDremora IceElf v1_1-41560
36DremoraIceElf Patch.esp#Patch - Dremora IceElf
37Trade and Commerce.espTrade and Commerce v1_5-39255
38Trade and Commerce Relocation Patch.esp#Patch - Trade and Commerce
39Bandit Hideouts.espBandit Hideouts v1_0_1-11260
3AFighters Guild Quests.espFighters Guild Quests v1_8-41012
3BHereticalSacrament.espHeretical Sacrament v2_42b
3CMage'sSkyHouse.espMage's Sky House v1_4-35097
3DMages Guild Quests.espMages Guild Quests v1_9-39591
3EMSHaddon-cobl.espMage's Sky House v1_4-35097
3FMSHaddon-SI.espMage's Sky House v1_4-35097
40Mage'sSkyHouse Patch.esp#Patch
41StopDarkBrotherhood.espStop Darkbrotherhood v1_10-14127
42Harvest [Flora].espHarvest Flora v3_0_1-2037
43Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells.espAuto Update Leveled Items And Spells v1_2_5-39635
44Automagic Bags.espAutomagic Bags v4_03-22414
45EVE_ShiveringIslesEasterEggs.espEVE for HGEC v1_0-24078
++ExpandedGreetings.espExpanded Greetings v1_1-33979
++Female Amulets.espFemale amulets v0_9b-47583
46FixContDisappearBug.espFix Container Disappear Bug v13-46624
47GuildAdvancement.espGuild Advancement v1_7-42870
48HUDCompanions.espHUD Companions v0_1_1
49lSkillBasedHarvestChance.espSkill Based Harvest Chance v1_0-49157
++Location Names With Enemy Tags.espLocation Names With Enemy Tags v1_1-33637
4ARFDs_Better_Undead_Loot.espBetter Loot From Undead v1_2-48098
4BSoulgem Magic.espSoulgem Magic v2_0-35393
4CToggleable Quantity Prompt.espToggleable Quantity Prompt v3_2_0-12859
4DupperGothicClutter.espStrotis Gothic Upperclass Clutter Replacer v1_1-36492
++Enhanced Economy - House prices.espEnhanced Economy v5_4_3-25078
**PotionReplacer.espRetextured Potions v1_1-49068
4EAlternative Beginnings.espAlternative Beginnings v1_4_6-37382
4FRealisticForceLow.espRealistic Physics and Force Package v1_0-5197
50RealisticMagicForceLow.espRealistic Physics and Force Package v1_0-5197
51Advanced Mark & Recall.espAdvanced Mark And Recall v2-10985
52MadCompanionshipSpells.espMad Companionship Spells v2_5
53RefScope.espRefScope v2_1_2-21862
54Summon DremoraIceElf.esp#Patch - Dremora IceElf
55Magic Visuals Overhaul.espMagic Visuals Overhaul v1_0-49300
56Morrowind Lockpicking.espMorrowind Lockpicking v3_0-31424
57HumantouchNPC.espHumantouchNPC v2_3a
58EnemyDirectionIndicator.espEnemy Direction Indicator v1_1a
++Balanced Creatures.espBalanced Creature Stats v1_02-49194
59Bundlement.espFundament v4_03-41005
5AnGCD.espnGCD v3_5-14065
5BThe Versatile Adventurer.espAnyclass v1_2-36349
5CTimeEnough.espTime Enough At Last v1_1-47159
++Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.espMBP v1_4a Full
**Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.espMBP v1_4a Full
++Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.espMBP++ v0_9_8a-37368
++Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.espMBP v1_4a Full
++Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.espMBP v1_4a Full
++Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.espMBP++ v0_9_8a-37368
5DBeautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.espMBP++ v0_9_8a-37368
++EVE_KhajiitFix.espEVE for HGEC v1_0-24078
++EyelashesVannilaRaces.espWorking Eyelashes v1-18185
5EAv Latta Magicka.espAv Latta Magicka v1_04-49096
++Av Latta Magicka - Potion Rebalance.espAv Latta Magicka v1_04-49096
++Av Latta Magicka - Vanilla Spell Rebalance.espAv Latta Magicka v1_04-49096
5FAv Latta Magicka - Birthsigns.espAv Latta Magicka - Birthsigns v1_0-49096
60Automatic Timescale.espAutomatic Timescale v1_1_1-27352
**[GFX]_Initial_Glow-all.espInitial Glow v0_2-5138
++Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.espCobl v1_74
**All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter For Mods.espWeather - All Natural v1_38-18305
++Vanilla NPC Face Replacer.esp#Patch - Vanilla NPCs
++WaterFPS.espWater FPS Boost v1_0-49347
61Bashed Patch, 0.esp
62Slim Patch.esp#Patch - Slim
2018-11-23 MOO Themed Loading Screens
2018-07-15 Wrye Bash 307.beta3のUnicodeDecodeError
2018-06-04 オブリビオン起動時にイベントエラー「0xc0000005」が発生する
2018-05-15 Chalice of Knowledge
2018-05-13 Trade and Commerceの店舗を移動
2018-05-12 AoG Overhaul plus Detect ItemのFOV制御を無効化
2018-05-10 Summon Dremora IceElf
2018-05-10 Construction Set Extender 8.1
2018-05-07 Mages Guild Questsの FORMID=(00000000) TYPE=(LAND)
2018-05-05 The Witcher 3 dresses
Wrye Bash
2018-07-15 Wrye Bash 307.beta3のUnicodeDecodeError
2016-08-30 High Rez Skin Textures for HGECをBAIN経由でインストール
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2013-07-01 パッケージをBAINフレンドリー化
2011-12-02 Bashed Patch Tweaks
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